City of Hope Christian Church based in Kimberley, NC had approached us to upgrade and replace their existing sound system in the main auditorium. The old sound system did not meet their ever-growing needs and we looked at various solutions for the church and decided on a JBL Professional point-source speaker system that would have a coherent sound coverage throughout the auditorium.

The system consisted of a left, centre and right configuration with delays placed in certain areas of the auditorium. The new PRX712s were used as main PA, and EON610s as delays with 2 double 18″ subwoofers driven by Crown Audio XTI6002 amplifiers.
The latest DBX VENU360 Loudspeaker Management System handled all the processing required to setup the PA system with all the correct delay times and tuning. The church staff with the required training have easy access to make adjustments to the levels of certain sections and muting the PA via the wireless connection between the VENU360 and the iPad app.

The church was very pleased to hear the new system and without a doubt were happy with the decision made and the success of the installation.