The Gearworx Team were recently involved in the AV installation at the ‘We Are EGG’ retail store at Cavendish Square Mall. The 2,700m2 retail space comprises of an Audio, Video, Lighting & Control system that creates a truly immersive space for shoppers.

Gearworx were contracted by Stage Audio Works to carry out the installation which consisted of a central entertainment zone utilising Yamaha DZR-15D 2-way active loud speakers, Cameo PAR Wash lights, ACME Profile moving head LEDs and two 75” LG LCD Screens all flown from a circular truss.

The rest of the retail space is covered by 104 Audac ATEO4 speakers mounted in groups of four and is supplemented by twelve Audac NOBA8 subwoofers to deliver a high end background music system.

Gearworx also installed five Pixel Plus P2.5mm LED screens positioned in different areas for digital marketing.
The entire system is all controlled from one central platform utilising the Q-SYS Eco-system.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed this project and the end result is quite impressive! Be sure to go and check it out.