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Our Services

Consultation & Design

This is just the first step in your journey to your new investment. Gearworx will tailor each design to meet your vision and cover both immediate needs and future goals.

House of Worship

We understand that having an effective, quality system for delivering the message from the pulpit to your congregation is crucial. The Gearworx Team of Professionals have over 10 years’ experience when it comes to working with churches and ensuring a high standard of production quality; but not only on the technical aspect – we also want to see your church and your team thrive. So ensuring on-going support & training is a critical key behind what drives us at Gearworx.

Live Sound Reinforcement Systems & Control
Broadcasting & Studio Solutions
Audio Distribution Systems

Projection & LED Screens
Multi-screen & Edge Blended widescreens
Media Playback Solutions
Live Streaming & Broadcast Solutions

Stage Lighting for Broadcast & TV
Automated & Effect Lighting
Venue LED Lighting

Acoustic Treatment:
Sonus Baffle – Drum Dampening Baffle Kits.
Wall & Ceiling panels designed to help treat room/venue acoustics.
Custom designs such as company logos and specific designs can be implemented.

Corporate, Retail & Education

High quality background & foreground Audio Systems for multipurpose venues.
Audio & Visual signal distribution over IP Networks.
Digital Signage Systems
Acoustic Treatment
Security Solutions – CCTV & Access Control
Structured Cabling for ITC
Internet of Things (IoT) Equipment Sales & Installations


Need a reliable support system for your next event or church service? We have Professional Technicians & Operators on standby to assist:

Visual Graphics
Stage Technicians
Producers & Production Managers ​

Live Events

Turning your Concept into Reality using our Creativity & Technical Excellence.
Concept Design & Execution
Onsite Technical Management
Equipment Rentals & Technical Crew

Training Workshops & Events

I/O Sessions – A successful Gearworx initiative including a live mixing session, creative discussion & techniques for Live Audio in Church. Presented by Jarred Venter & Shaun Brown
VL Sessions – A Visual & Lighting creative event showcasing ideas for church stage designs & lighting designers/operators.